Saturday, June 04, 2005

To err is human, or is it ?

Guess who gets you if you make a mistake typing a web address??

Instead of typing this:
If you end up typing this:

--you end up at

Bad monkey.. Baaaad monkey...

I hereby name the this economic phenomenon " mistake economics " or " mistakonomics ".
As this phenomenon already exists, the universities just have to catch up and start studying it in detail as it may involve more than half of all human economy.
We anyway have to pay someone else for our mistakes every day in every form of life but when it is done in such an obscure way by someone who doesnt need any more money ??
Microsoft sure gets it all.

People have started taking notice. Look out for signs of mistakonomics around you.
Newgroup yakking about this

All this is happening in the end due to the fact that if you search google for "http" the top page displayed is Micro$oft. Take that...

"Mistakonomics are slowly killing me " - dog


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